Major Name returning to the WWE in 2017!

It has been an year of surprises starting with AJ Styles’ debut to Triple H’s return. At one stage it felt like it can’t get any better but soon after the drafts with both the rosters getting halved it felt like they needed more talent to fill the spots.
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Soon we saw the debut of Cruiserweights, then we saw Curt Hawkins, Jinder Mahal, and many more just to increase the roster size but it did not made that of a help as the mainevent picture was seeming to be the same.
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According to latest news, it seems that Chris Hero is heading back to the WWE at some point in the 2017. Now it’s very interesting to note that Chris Hero wrestled under the name of Kassius Ohno until late 2013 in NXT and later being released due to his weight problems.
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Many of you might not know it but before choosing Roman Reigns as the third member of the Shield, WWE thought to add Kassius Ohno in the Shield but later due to his fitness issues they went with Roman Reigns as the third member. So people technically call him the 4th member of the Shield. 
It is unknown whether the 36 year old veteran will make a move to the NXT or the Main Roster directly.


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